Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Further Learning: The Great Courses

In the interest of furthering my education I've decided to get a couple of the courses from The Great Courses.  I've seen these advertised before and while many subjects looked interesting, I never wanted to spend the money for them before. I think they have a big marketing push at the start of every year (New Years resolutions and such).  The courses are fairly expensive, but heavily discounted this time of year.  But as I said, I'm trying to work harder to learn, and I think these will be helpful.

The first course I got is Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer's Craft.  I never much enjoyed English class in school, but I think it would be useful to brush up on the basics.  I feel like I am weak in sentence writing.  I often am much more verbose than I need to be.  Hopefully a greater understanding of sentence structure and how to form them will help with that. 

The other course I got is Analysis and Critique:  How to Engage and Write about Anything.  My interesting still leans more toward writing fiction, but now that I'm doing this blog it'll be useful to learn how to write on non-fiction topics better.  

I plan to start listening to these soon and work my way through them.  I expect I'll provide updates and reviews on them as I go. 

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