Tuesday, June 17, 2014

What I Really Think: Cinderella

Growing up Cinderella was my favorite of the pre-renaissance princess films.  The mice really help carry the movie, keeping things active and interesting, especially for a young boy.  Cinderella is also the most interesting of the three original princesses.  She’s much more proactive than Snow White or Aurora.  She tries to stand up to her step-mother several times.   The step-mother may not have evil magical powers, but she’s imposing nonetheless. 

Still, for me, it really feels like it’s the supporting cast that keeps thing really interesting.  The mice, the king and grand duke and even the step-sisters are all amusing to watch.  Cinderella may be the title character, but it’s the rest that really give the movie form.   

Although Cinderella ranks low when compared to some of the more modern classics, it’s still a high point of the era. 

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